Create a Custom Safe Browsing check with Google Chrome

Safe browsing is the most guaranteed  literary word that many modern Browsers speaks Today.Within most browsers there are some built-in safe browsing features offered or else you might be using an extension or  any antivirus safe URL checker.Now the most easy way to check any website trust identity over web is by using Google safe browsing advisory.Although most browsers offers it as  built in search advisory  ,we could easily create a safe browsing search engine with in  Google Chrome Browser.

  1.  Navigate to the Chrome Options > Basics >Search-> Manage Search Engines.[Alternatively type chrome://settings/searchEngines in URL bar]
  2.  Click on Manage Search Engines -> Other Search Engines and create a new entry.
  3.  Now On first Column under Add a new search engine  type Safe Browsing. Under second column on Keyword section type safe.        [ Note: for New search engine & keyword you could type any thing that suits ]
  4. Next under third column  ” URL WITH %” section     type or paste    [type as it is ]

Now after completing  these steps to create your custom safe checker  , navigate to the URL bar and type in safe, then press space bar key on keyboard  and type  the Website URL [for eg:] that you would like to check whether website is safe or malware free .Below is the screenshot for Google URL safe check dagonostic results.It clearly specify the malware history details in Google.Similarly you can test any website including personal websites.

Similarly we can also create Report Phishing site custom option under  Chrome.Just replace the  ” URL WITH %” section with this  URL.

Note:Mostly Google Safe browsing is built in  with Browsers like chrome and Firefox ,which runs in background ,the above tips is for whether we want to have a manual safe check with any URL.


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  1. I am a rare user of Google Chrome Browser. But this is nice post. Sure i will apply this on my PC.

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