Compare the Performance of CDN Service Providers

CDN or Content Delivery Networks are mostly common among webmasters or site owners, to deliver  websites pages with better speed to end users [To know more on CDN visit].Edgecast , Akamai, AmazonS3, Cloudfront likewise [Check here for Public CDN Providers] many  and even Google offers similar services too.Now if you are in midst of Choosing what CDN platform for your website or to analyse & compare those Professional CDN  performance, just jump to CDN Performance Test by
In  you can see the performance graph with the load time for 64KB file for your system as well as the global average load time. What the website offers is that it will use your Internet connection to download a 64 kB file from selected CDN (Content Delivery Network) providers and servers hosted by selected cloud computing providers. The file will be downloaded 10 times. Afterwards the average request time will be shown in a graph and you can compare the speed of the different providers for your location with the results of more than 1 million Global wide tests and thus Find out which CDN provider or cloud provider provides you with the fastest download experience!.However the test well depend up on your Internet connection speed.

Also Your test results are logged into the cloudclimate CDN performance database and will be used to compute global results for all visitors in the future. Also check Cloud Harmony Speed Test for CDN  and Cloud services.


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