What Google+ Needs more

Recently a public quest was asked by +Brian Krassenstein in Google+ .We All Love Google+ but… What one thing don’t you like about Google+?.Yes although Google+ influence is great and usable , still in its beta or trial version , it lacks certain popular features.Most of them are quoted by many users as a comment to this post.Lets look up some of those.However some features could be accessed by extensions ,many users insist those features to be built-in.

  • Need for Hashtags used to mark keywords or topics
  •  No huddles on desktop version of Google+
  •  The ability to disable new notifications for post instead of having to mute them completely
  • No private messaging –  The current method means private messages get lost in the main timeline. Private messaging should be a separate feature
  • If  Gmail and G+ open at the same time, while chatting , get duplicated chats and their notifications twice as well ,rather annoying
  • Some Times Real Time Update Sloppy
  • Lack of shortcut keys to jump into Google+ from Gmail
  • Live streaming when commenting to a post ,it’s really irritating,Going Down and Down
  • Better Organised Tab management features
  • Lack of Integration of Tiny URL feature like goo.gl
  • Lack of Post search option
  • Lack of Location based search of friends
  • More Integration of Google services.An All-in-One Platform[hope it will arrive soon]
  • Better Post editor needed with smileys,emoticons,align ,bold,italics likewise
  • Dislike or Google -1 Button
  • Lack of integrated auto-translate
  • Lack of realtime reply option to a specific user on comments in Public posts ,now only avail through Chrome extension
  • Ability to attach pictures/videos to comments too
  •  Limited Chat settings
  • When notifications windows is opened on top bar , all notifications that read are also shown ,mostly covering browser window,no need for it,only just show up real-time or unread notifications.Read notifications should be collapsed.
  • Announcement of new Google+ features as a “Tab” or link within main Google+
  • Birthdays reminders Options
  • Real time Integration or posting Updates to other social networks or blogs[at least] without any extension.
  • Some customized theme or background option
  •  Need for API or Google+ widgets in blogs
  •  An official G+ Desktop Client from Google
  • Popular Post Featured Tabs
  • A “Report spam” link within comments.
  • Star or rating option [although +1 button is available]
  • Bookmarking, favorite post or save post, notes and/or pages for random reasons e.g. groups/events/info you just want to put up (e.g. integrate sites).

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