Twitter Clone-Heello Launched

Clone tends to imitate original,so does new microblogging service [partially] named “Heello” by Noah Everett The founder of Twitpic.Don’t ever ask what it has goes different or why should I move over to “Heello” rather Twitter?-Because it’s almost a clear-cut copy of Twitter.

Now the reason for arrival of “Heello” might be due to Twitter roll-out of its photo-sharing service powered by Photobucket, which provides all of the hosting for user-uploaded photos.Since this new photo service essentially negates the usefulness of photo-sharing services like TwitPic by Noah Everett.Hence as a result Hello took up.Now jump into the features of Heello.

  • If Twitter tweets, similar  in Heello users send “pings” to their followers
  • If Twitter retweets, similar in Heello users “echo” other posts
  • Instead of following in Twitter , in Heello friends “listen” to their friends.
  • Heello also supports Twitter and Facebook integration, so your Heello posts can be posted to other social networks
  • It also includes a real-time feed of all public activity “What’s Happening” ­
  •  The creator announced that Heello will soon support video, checkins, SMS integration, mobile apps and a “Channels” feature that works much like Twitter Lists


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  1. why heello mobile don’t have a listeners and listening ?

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