PopURL :Dashboard for the latest web-buzz

Which is your favorite news feed website ?Mostly every web user have a popular news source website whether it’s tech related,science,sports or any sort , you might have bookmarked in your browser pouch or rather you might have an aggregator website that feeds top websites on a single webpage.If not you should try out PopURLs-an aggregator of popular pages from various influential sources, revealing what is hot online.Simply say popurls is the dashboard for the latest web-buzz, a single page that encapsulates up-to-the-minute headlines from the most popular sites on the internet.Ofcourse there are lots of aggregator websites online but we suggest PopURL due to its advanced features.
It have the live feeds [top URL] of most popular website like reddit, Digg, Wired etc. also photo sharing sites like Flickr, video sharing Youtube , Metacafe, Videosift, Magazines and almost every sort of stuffs that one search in web.Now addition to those , there is the personalization Option ,When you sign up using one of many login options (including Facebook, Google, and OpenID), you can customize your PopURLs start page.Now if you say that “i am well going with iGoogle or alltops”  like feed aggregators  or similar other websites,PopURL offers you more.

Apart from its genuine aggregator, PopURLs has an entire network of sites, for example a discovery engine [popshuffle], a mobile site,  a time machine[Archive] , RealTime Charts and Traffic [Popurls TV] and more like popurls for iphone ,android, blackberry .Visit all these features at Popurls.net.


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  1. Nickey McCasland

    I liked popurls a lot better when it would retain my personalizations. For some time now, it has required me to go through the several-click logon process every time I open it, and even them it has forgotten the data it uses for the Recommendations section and I have to start from scratch there also.

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