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Most of our readers might be familiar with Quora , now next what ?The answer is namesake.Might be you a member already?.Namesake is a community for real conversation. It’s easy to find the people and topics that make life interesting — discover new people, build trust and improve your life.Now what makes namesake special.Well, its basic are similar to Quora,but the mass live conversation on different trending topics takes it further level.Namesake stands on its own differentiating laurels in comparison to Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc.
A Los Angeles-based startup, Namesake has been founded by entrepreneurs Brian Norgard and Dan Gould in January 2010 as a one-stop destination for professionals and creators to match ideas with chances and resources. The mission of Namesake is to build trust through conversation as it is one of the most significant tools given to humans to connect, learn, progress, and share.To get begin Visit Namesake, sign in with your Facebook or Twitter Account,Confirm the email ,you are done.Now What’s Inside Namesake.

  • Describe Your Experience in Expertise Section

On logging in , You will be forwarded to an Expertise section Webpage.Expertise tells the Namesake community what you do well or the things you know a lot about. Add some expertise like for eg: Blogging,Technology,Software Engineering,Surfing,Web design etc. to be endorsed by the community, Namesake’s way of recognizing your knowledge. Once endorsed, you’ll be invited to conversations about things you care about.

  • Live conversation is what makes Namesake great.

There’s always someone on Namesake ready to converse about what you care about. People describe Namesake conversations as “addicting,” “immersive,” “exciting” and “thought-provoking.” Start a conversation or just pop into one you find interesting — you’ll see how cool Namesake can be.Anyone can start and participate in conversations about topics like news, best practices, questions, events, videos and ideas.Conversations on Namesake are by default available to everyone in the community — but you can also hold conversations that are private or by invitation only, which allows only selected community members to participate.

  • Follow Topics

There are people having conversations right now about everything from food, music, technology, and entertainment to politics, finance and sports. Follow topics to discover conversations you’ll love and the people you should get to know.

  • Endorsements

By adding expertise, community members can endorse each other to build reputation and trust.By being considered an expert, you are more likely to be invited to relevant conversations.

  • Profiles

Highlight your strengths, show off what you’re working on and allow anyone to start a conversation with you in real-time through your Namesake profile.This isn’t your normal profile. Everything you contribute in the Namesake is automatically rolled into your profile, so it’s easy for other community members to learn about you.

  • Discover

Discover the latest Trending Topics ,watch the  related conversations .

  • Invite Your Friends

Easy invite feature for email id,Twitter friends and Facebook friends.

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