Spot the Internet Hoaxes

Have you received an email indicating “Facebook will begin charging its users”  don’t panic it’s an Internet Hoax- a false scam email.Another similar hoax message that arrived one of our blogger friend is “Some one wants to hold a share of $16 million & will get a get a 5 percent commission later for holding it, “.Hoaxes are mostly Interesting , some times well designed messages and it’s almost atleast  one scam or fraud  e-mail might be in your inbox too.It might  be like discussed above or a Lottery win,cheap pills or some sort of viruses too.
Now the perfect solution on these scam emails, as every one know is to Delete permanently from your Inbox at first sight ,without clicking any links.Now if you are in doubt whether it’s a Hoax,scam or viruses , there are various Online websites that gives realtime info regarding this sort of emails & any one can check whether the specific message/news  was a Hoax or not.

  • Hoax-Slayer  :dedicated to debunking email hoaxes, thwarting Internet scammers, combating spam, and educating web users about email and Internet security issues. Hoax-Slayer allows Internet users to check the veracity of common email hoaxes and aims to counteract criminal activity by publishing information about common types of Internet scams. Hoax-Slayer also includes anti-spam tips, computer and email security information, articles about true email forwards, and much more. New articles are added to the Hoax-Slayer website every week.

  • : the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.
  • :Be among the first to know about new eRumors, viruses, Internet hoaxes…and more!

Also check the article from on Top 10 Ways to Spot an Internet Hoax.So Have you got any Hoax email in your inbox?


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