Google “The Web is What You Make of It” campaign

Google had an amazing way of launching various campaign of their products through short brief videos & specifically wins our thoughts.One such example is the July launch of  Google India’s  ‘The Web Is What You Make of It”’ campaign — Google’s global online and offline campaign celebrating everyday people in India and around the world who are pairing their passion and creativity with the power of the web to do amazing things.
The campaign showcases the emotional and personal connection that all we have with the changing web today. Through a series of short videos (you can catch part one and two below), Google is sharing how the web and its products have changed the lives of millions of people and helped them achieve their dreams. It includes a variety of stories from celebrities to everyday consumer to small businessmen.
Taken from those series of videos ,this  video, “Archana’s Kitchen”, which aired last week, tells the story of Archana who grew up in a small town in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore and took forward her childhood passion of cooking to the web through Blooking (Blog Cooking). She developed a faithful set of followers online, which culminated into a catering service along with a book deal.

And to that words “Power of the web allows to connect, impact and inspire the world.And it doesn’t limits to Google itself , every day innovative ideas and trends arrives around the web “,yes web is changing it with smarter.


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