Yahoo turns on WebPlayer

Watch Yahoo WebPlayer Live in Action

Yahoo! has announced Yahoo! WebPlayer’s first beta version recently.Mainly written in HTML and JavaScript ,the yahoo support document says it supports a variety of video and audio formats including MP3 and WMA and internet contents such as YouTube and Yahoo Video.Main highlight is the easy way of embedding it  to any blogs or webpages.
By adding few  line of code to their site[specifically a javascript], any website owners can enjoy Yahoo webplayer features. Once the player is added to their sites and a page loads, the page is scanned by the player for any playable content it supports. These contents then get a ‘play’ button next to them. If one clicks the ‘play’ button, a slick in-page player opens up that’s streams each and every playable item in the playlist which is unified.
The first step is to add the Yahoo! WebPlayer code to your site.Place the Yahoo! WebPlayer code close to the end of your site’s HTML code, just above the closing tag.

Preferably, you would only need to add the Yahoo! WebPlayer to your site once, in a global template that’s used by all pages on your site. This will ensure the player shows up on any page on your site with playable content, and you won’t need to add it to each individual page. For more on How to set up Visit Yahoo .
Apart from its goods  still in its Beta , some cons are also to be noted down.

  1. The Yahoo! WebPlayer currently uses some Flash, and therefore the user must have Flash installed for the player to work. However Yahoo claims  this limitation will be overcome sometime soon.
  2.  Buffering Problems, some times video load lacks
  3.  Sites that doesn’t allow to access the HTML of your site like Facebook, (hosted blogs) doesn’t supported.

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