View Detailed Hardware Info in Ubuntu 11.04

A quick detailed hardware view of your System/PC/Netbook is always helpful in various scenario.Specifically with Linux Distros like Ubuntu 11.04 there are built-in as well as advanced commands/packages to get most details out of your installed hardware.Here we discuss two such commands to view detailed Hardware info in Ubuntu11.04.

  1. List Hardware [lshw]

A built in command line utility with Ubuntu 11.04  that provides detailed hardware information such as firmware versions, BIOS info, motherboard, and memory configuration, CPU info and so on.It also enables to output the hardware information to a HTML or XML file.To run the utility Open Terminal->sudo lshw    [Provide necessary password needed].To output it in HTML file Type in the Terminal cd && sudo lshw -html > Detailed_Hardwareinfo.html. If it’ not installed by default ,Install it manually from Terminal,Type in command Line  sudo apt-get install lshw. After running the command above, you should find a file called “Detailed_Hardwareinfo.html” in your home directory – you can open this file using any web browser.

        2.HardwareInfo [HardInfo]

A better and GUI utility comapred to above,HardInfo  displays Organized and standardised information about both your system’s hardware and operating system details too.It can also  run various  CPU benchmarks: Also, the hardware information as well as the benchmark results can be exported to an HTML or plain text file .To install HardInfo in Ubuntu, use the command :
sudo apt-get install hardinfo .  Now move to Applications Menu/Dash->Type in Search Box ->System Profiler and Benchmark.Launch it

Additional :
How to see system services are enable or disable in ubuntu 11.04(Natty Narwhal):Go to Terminal and open it and type the command chkconfig press enter.To install sudo apt-get install chkconfig. you can see a list of service which one is off or on in your system


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  1. worked great thanks!!

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