MIT Researchers Develop Tool to Handle Frozen/Stalled/Hanging Programs

It’s always a common issue with almost every normal user facing the problem when  a Program hangs up or stop responding.Whether it your favourite application like a Word processor, PDF viewer or Video Player ,and all of a sudden the program just stops working.You might click ,refresh or any sort of tricks the program hangs up still.Only way is to end/Kill that process or quit .You might search for the error code , or use apps like as WhatIsHang ,but you cannot have any sort of option to continue from the state where the program Hanged.Good news is that MIT researchers have developed an experimental software framework called Jolt that allows applications to recover in some cases when they hang.
In  this July, researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) presented a new tool  named Jolt that automatically interrupts infinite loops and moves on to the next line of code in the computer program. In tests, their system restored five different programs to stable enough states that data could be saved and the programs exited safely; in the majority of cases, the programs also provided at least a partial solution to the computations they were trying to perform when they got hung up.
How jolt detects the issue and solve
Infinite loops make applications unresponsive: .A commercial program might contain tens of thousands of loops, and a slight error in the code for any one of them could lead to an infinite loop, in which the computer doesn’t know when to stop repeating the same operation.Jolt, which recognizes infinite loops by monitoring the program’s use of memory. A computer user who’s worried that his or her computer has entered an infinite loop could activate Jolt, which would take a series of “snapshots” of the computer’s memory after each iteration of a loop. When Jolt detects that a program is stuck in a certain kind of infinite loop, it can force it to exit the loop and continue executing.
The researchers have published a paper that describes their implementation of Jolt and how it performed in a number of tests against bugs in well-known open source software utilities. In several test cases, Jolt allowed hung programs to continue to completion in situations where the user would otherwise have to forcefully terminate the process.The binary version of Jolt, the researchers explain, will be called as  Bolt.
Download MIT Research Paper on JOLT
Visit MIT edu on Jolt


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