Add TaskManager , LaunchBrowser and More Options to Desktop Right click Context Menu

TaskManager[taskmgr.exe] is one of the most widely used Windows Built-in tool by normal users daily.What sort of system probs like process hang, resource checking  ,CPU  and RAM usage ,immediately we launch TaskManger from right-clicking desktop bottom.Similar Program we daily use is the Browsers like Firefox,Chrome etc…However it would be much easier and speedy if we launch this programs/process within the Desktop Right click Context Menu.Here is an easy registry edit to try out .

How to Add TaskManager and LaunchBrowser to Desktop Right click Context Menu?[Applies for XP/Vista/7]
applies for XP/Vista/7]

  1. Open regedit  [registry editor -always better to run as administrator] through Run or start->search
  2. Navigate to key  HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell.
  3. Create a New key by right clicking “shell” ->new key -> name it as TaskManager  [a name suits you to be shown in right-click menu]
  4.  Now right-click on TaskManager-> new->String Value -> name it as Position. Now double-click it assign value “Bottom” [including quotes].You can also add value  “Top” [to appear top in context menu].
  5.  Now right-click TaskManager– new ->key-name it as    command .
  6.  Double click on Default key [with  respect to command] assign   follow value as    “C:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe”    – Please paste this and replace quotes[“”] by manually typing since here font is different  note exactly where  the space ,quotes and slash .
  7. Close regedit .Now right click anywhere on desktop [without selecting any folder or file],yeh ! there is your TaskManager contextmenu -click it to launch TaskManager.
  8.  Similarly Repeat steps 1 to7  to add  LaunchBrowser to Desktop Right click Context Menu.Instead of keyname “Taskmanager” like LaunchBrowser or LaunchFirefox that suits you.Name the key command as it’s .Now for default path assign your default Browser [Chrome/Firefox/IE]Path like  “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”     [Assign the .exe path of your default browser in where it’s installed]
  9.  Note some times  if any  error occurs such as “Windows cannot access specified path“. replace quotes[“”] by manually typing for key value for all key values from step 1 to 8.
  10.  Now if Interested in adding more option to Desktop Context Menu Repeat above steps & instead of command value assign specific values given below

For Administrative Tools:     control admintools
For Folder Options:      control folders
Network Connections:   control ncpa.cpl
Power Options:  control powercfg.cpl
Programs and Features:   control appwiz.cpl
System Properties:    control sysdm.cpl
User Accounts:   Control userpasswords
Security Center:  control wscui.cpl


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