Youtube Intstant + Youtube Timemachine

From its introduction in February 14, 2005 to 2011. ,YouTube has become the most popular video-sharing site  on behalf of Google Inc.Recently YouTube interface changed significantly with awesome video viewing  experience.Now adding to its enthusiasm ,there are other two popular YouTube related sites created by Feross Aboukhadijeh  and  Justin Johnson respectively.First one is a YouTube Instant and other is YouTube Timemachine.
As its name indicates YouTube Instant is a site that lets you search across the vast YouTube video database in real-time , created by Feross ,a computer science student at Stanford University built using a combination of the YouTube API and YouTube search suggestions.What it does is just type any search keyword in the given search box,within a flash your YouTube video is loaded and starts playing, almost similar to Google Instant feature,if you are happy with search suggestions and timing it’s OK, if not go for this speedy search site.

Similar Role play created by Justin Johnson and Delbert Shoopman is the YouTube Timemachine,well its to surf through YouTube videos through years.You might think this search site is based on uploaded date in YouTube.Rather to it’s addition , this website search related to the video contents.For eg: a video uploaded in 2008 ,but it’s title is “First  sound ever recorded[1860]”-.Main feature is an easy slider bar to browse through videos from year 1860 -2011.lot’s of other options are avail in this website,which is not with main YouTube site.Experience it and Enjoy!

Note:Also check out for YouTube testtube


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