Google responds to Google Plus Account Suspensions

Google responded finally to the controversial Google+(Plus) suspension scenario based on the section 13 outlined in the Google User Content and Conduct Policy.Although reports say that several user accounts are restored,most of them are based on this policy rules and the further identifications submitted by users.Also some erroneously deleted accounts have  been restored.
Most positive approaches might be taken as seen in  various replies by Google+ support managers in various posts in Google+ .Google will henceforth implement some changes in the way this policy is used. The changes are as follows .

  • Google will give users more warning and the chance to correct their name in advance of any suspension , comply with the common name policy.At time of this notice, a clear indication of how the user can edit their name to conform to our community standards.
  • The company is improving the sign-up process.
  • Finally  exploring better ways to support nicknames, maiden names and pseudonyms.

Steps to avoid Suspension of Google Profiles

Based on various sources and Google supports and forums Here are the steps you could try out to avoid Google+ suspension or to restore .[Note:This tips are mainly based on Google+ discussion forums, Google naming policy]

  1. Follow “Your name and Google Profiles ” content policy.
  2. Up on review of your profile if no response from Google feedback and if it’s against name violation try use your real name like full name.No periods ,no symbols,no special characters,no mixed character language (for example Chinese and English) . for eg:: Robert steves or Rober d steves is either acceptable.Avoid Robert_steves or “Robert -steves”  or “$ rOBERT ” like wise.
  3.  Better if change your profile details like where you live,since Google track IP addresses ,providing fake places might be considered under review.Also edit details on nicknames and other names apply same policy like real name for these too.
  4.  Better add your contact number under profile or mobile verification option in mail settings ,so while reviewing Google support to make sure that it’s a real account and not fake .
  5. In the description section of your profile, make it real like a personal profile ,avoid any links to webpages ,since if it’s identified as any business related profiles,it will  be suspended.Better eg: is Mashable News , now changed it to a personal profile
  6.  Try appealing process repeatedly and through Google discussion  forums and feedback supports [to an extend only this helps]
  7.  On appealing process add additional details like scanned PhotoID or any related webpages that link you.
  8. Deleting and creating a new Profile will not avoid suspension process,still the new profile will be under review or suspension.
  9. Avoid any posts or images in your profile that are against Google content if your profile is marked under review ,remove the images or profile pictures that is against Google policy.
  10. And if all steps are done still no reply as every one says try to contact  Google+  support  directly  [if any personal contact/email /refer/]or to refer you with the help of your friends. 
  11. Now take a look at one of the popular and useful Google  thread on This issue

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