Google Plus Account Suspension and It’s Related Theories

“It was a nice honeymoon for me  when  jumped into that innovative Google trend and it’s addition handle the  “Google+”. this was the main quotes of several Google users in first half of Google+ introduction.But now Is it the same?Definitely not,Google+ is biting back with massive account suspension and even leading to deletion of Google accounts.According to Google it might be due to violating their Community standards in Names.Text,images or Posts.Strict rules like using real names and avoiding pseudonyms.Whatever those issues ,now users are having wide criticism all over the web.
Google said it wants users to use real names on the network, but some users claim they are better known to friends, family and colleagues by a long-term nickname, which they believe should count as a real name.What sort of  theory Google is put forwarding for these scenario,If you are violating any sort of Google Community Standards, your profile has been suspended and marked as under review.This immediate  steps came after Google suspended or deleted most Business related Profiles recently.The more frightening situation is Google accounts being suspended for a violation of Google’s Terms of Service[TOS]. If this happens to you, you apparently lose access to all Google services: Gmail, Google Docs, your Calendar. All of those are gone in seconds Since Google’s communication is weak, and they don’t tell you exactly what TOS you broke.

The only option to restore your Google+ Profile is to go for further Appeal [by scanning a photo ID or providing links that establish the name you’re using as something that people normally call you], or Post issue on Google forums or discussions or contact directly any of Google+ Community managers..And these are likely or lucky that any one get their Google+  account restored.
Now here what Google claims on these issues According to Google Support:
We’ve seen some complaints regarding profile suspensions, and I want to let you know how to solve this problem. Typically this problem occurs when you edit your name in a way that we no longer accept. In these situations, you may find that your name requires review to confirm that it complies with our Community Standards:When creating or updating your Google Profile, you may find that your entered name requires review to confirm that it complies with our Community Standards:
1) You’ll be prompted to request a review during the sign-up flow, this will lead to it being reviewed by our team.
2) After 24 hours, your profile will either be live or require further appeal.
3) To request further appeal, click on the link to our appeal form from your Google Profile. Here, you can provide additional information to support the claim that you are using a name in compliance with our policy.
4) Once you file the second appeal your profile will be handled via 1-to-1 communication with Google.
To ensure the success of your appeal, please make sure you are adhering to our Community Standards:Things Google is trying to achieve with this is Impersonation prevention ,Empathic real-world-like environment,Accountability and Abuse prevention.
Among the most criticism  were those from a former Google employee, Kirrily Robert, whose account was suspended after her “Skud” nickname feel bad under Google’s user policy.However, Google pulled a hold on her account, reportedly along with thousands of others, showing her the message: “Your profile is suspended. After reviewing your profile, we determined that the name you provided violates our Community Standards. If you believe this profile has been suspended in error, please provide us with additional information via this form, and we will review your profile again.”However, Robert still had access to her Gmail and other accounts, while users elsewhere claimed all of their accounts were being suspended as part of the purge.
Now several quest remains What Google Intention on Google+ ,try to build a community with only real names[of course it’s  out of hands], or try to have a community circle of users supporting their all sort of good and bad efforts or to create an extra effort as a step towards  popularity of Google Business pages or to have more  Google pages and posts filled with Google+ request or users has to spend much time on Google services looking for when their profile is to be activated.Initiative is been slowly taken as Some guy are openly calling for Google+ leadership to be accountable and restore accounts.

Note:Any one stuck with similar issues,comment and explain any solution to us


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  1. Google might be rough on it’s community standards,but Google+ suspended issue will certainly going to downside for Google+(plus) and Halloween for other social networking sites like Facebook.
    We could understand suspending profiles with fake names and spammers but terminating their previous employers like Kirrily Robert is really a discredit.Overall what is with a pseudonym or nick name.And do all Google community managers think that they could really get a community of users with real names and contacts?if it’s so then what’s interesting that Google+ is said to be a wise way of social networking.At least they could have a good feedback or community support stating that what did a user violates in Google+ profiles.Instead of doing that simply suspending any profile is nearly not humanity rather trying to build a network of users that Google like.
    And since several users are worrying & frustrated on their accounts look at one of top Google member posting “My favorite song of the week. Hope you like it too.” visit his post

    Any comment on that you guys? probably i think you won’t publish this comment as Google fear.

  2. Well said .i do agree, i think it’s better to pop up yahoo ,Facebook ,bing and twitter. same happened to one of my coworker on his blogger suspension

  3. The worst thing is that a company as sophisticated and practiced as Google didn’t know that it would have been wise to give people a grace period before the account suspension. It’s a gross oversight and a harbinger of things to come at the hands of the all-encompassing Google.

  4. Most Social Networks require you to use real names. What if you create a profile in the name of your foe and send out friend requests to all his/her friends with malicious intent? This has a spillover effect as your actions worsens the experience of other users on the network. Facebook requires you to use real names too. And I believe anything is better if it reduces the dependence of people on Facebook, it is such an evil company.

    • Thanks for commenting.Every social networking has got it’s pros and cons .Since Google+ is a newbie users expects more but sudden account suspension without any indications and pump up “real name policies” added a negative impact on users first impression on Google+.Although now it’s sorted out slowly still it will take long to catch up with other social networks like Facebook..But it doesn’t mean they are evil rather the approach to normal users comparing /accommodating with their policy confirmation was not in a right way.

  5. Sofia Aumentar El Busto

    hello I want to say that I really liked your article and I could really identify with what is expressed
    Now I have a better idea about this, thank you very much

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