Check Google Transparency report of Your country

Check out for Google Transparency report.It provides sorts of information regarding the data requests done by government agencies around the world to Google for disclosing User details and  content removal done  on WWW.If any of the webpages or Blogs or users in Internet does disrupt any of the government rules/policy in a specific country ,they asks for removing the contents or disclosure and Google has come up with a detailed analysis and reports of such requests around the world on Google Transparency.The latest report released is from the period July to December 2010.
As per the report ,US tops with 4,601 request to reveal information regarding a specific user.Brazil next with 1,804 user data requests and India at third with 1,699 requests.Regarding Content Removal requests, Brazil tops with 263 removal requests in a period of  6 months.According to Google this number occurred because popularity of  social networking website, orkut in Brazil.South Korea is 2nd with 139  removal requests,Germany 3rd with 118 ,Libya and India with 68 and 67 respectively.
Mainly removal is in  basis of  YouTube videos of hate speech, defamation, pornography, government criticism, web search results and images causing defamation and the removal list is also having blog posts from Blogger causing defamation, privacy security, government criticism and pornography. Some of the content were removed because of the court order and some of them were removed because of the cyber complaints.With data requests, most of the government data requests were related to the criminal investigations. They asked for more information on accounts like Gmail or Orkut.


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