Linux kernel 3.0 Released

Linux kernel 3.0 is finally released.After rolling up with Kernel 3.0- rc 6, 7 likewise Linus Torvalds  has announced the release of the 3.0 kernel.Besides a new version numbering scheme, Linux 3.0 also has several new features.
According to Linus Torvalds “”As already mentioned several times, there are no special landmark features or incompatibilities related to the version number change, it’s simply a way to drop an inconvenient numbering system in honor of twenty years of Linux. In fact, the 3.0 merge window was calmer than most, and apart from some excitement from RCU I’d have called it really smooth“.
Major updates[according to kernel 3.0 sources] includes Btrfs data scrubbing and automatic defragmentation, XEN Dom0 support, unprivileged ICMP_ECHO, wake on WLAN, Berkeley Packet Filter JIT filtering, a memcached-like system for the page cache, a sendmmsg() syscall that batches sendmsg() calls and setns(), a syscall that allows better handling of light virtualization systems such as containers. New hardware support has been added: for example, Microsoft Kinect, AMD Llano Fusion APUs, Intel iwlwifi 105 and 135, Intel C600 serial-attached-scsi controller, Ralink RT5370 USB, several realtek rtl81xx devices or the Apple iSight webcam. Many other drivers and small improvements have been added.

Sources to Check Out for further details:
Major Changes in Kernel 3.0
Kernel 3.0 Released announce
Download Kernel 3.0


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