Microsoft Tops in Linux kernel 3.0 development supports

Microsoft  now  has 5th position for top active developers for Linux Kernel 3.0.Little excited !  yes its real fact at least the news depicted from Linux kernel 3.0 developement sources.Among the total of 183 employers [top random] participated in  Linux Kernel 3.0 cycle Redhat tops in contribution , followed by Intel, Novell, IBM and then Microsoft.Now How it happens?This ranking is due to the solutions Microsoft had to make up with  “Microsoft Hyper-V (HV) driver” so that the Microsoft driver would be included in the mainline Linux kernel.Although above set of ranking vary and not permanent, this is a real sign of OS development collaboration.
Now coming to Hyper-V driver which is  codenamed  as Viridian and formerly known as Windows Server Virtualization, is a hypervisor-based virtualization system for x86-64 systems. Early In July 2009 Microsoft submitted Hyper-V drivers to the Linux kernel, which improve the performance of virtual Linux guest systems in a Windows hosted environment. Microsoft was forced to submit the code when it was discovered that Microsoft had incorporated a Hyper-V network driver with GPL-licensed components statically linked to closed-source binaries.Since then Linux community faced several problems with the driver code and had a long list of issues with Microsoft’s code but the good news is that Microsoft worked to improve the quality of its code so that it could be accepted into the Linux kernel.
Now its beneficial to both OS community mainly for Microsoft instead of releasing the patches separately but embedding with a main stream OS like Linux will certainly increase the users on their virtualization products and main idea is enable Linux to run much better and efficient on  top of  Microsoft Windows’ hypervisor (Hyper-V).
Source:Linux Kernel  3.0 Development


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