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Although its among the list of speedy browsers list , Chrome browser  one main advantage is it’s ease of use, in the way by which it allows customization and developer supports.Our earlier post on Searching Google+ Profiles and Posts from URL bar depict it.Now a similar kind of tip/trick to post  and search twitter tweets from  Chrome URL bar , search Google Docs and Searching Chrome History  is shown below.

  1. Navigate to the Chrome Options > Basics >Search-> Manage Search Engines.[Alternatively type chrome://settings/searchEngines in URL bar]
  2. Click on Manage Search Engines -> Other Search Engines and create a new entry
  3.  Now On first Column under Add a new search engine  type Twitter . Under second column on Keyword section type  tweet          [Note: for New search engine & keyword you could type any thing that suits ]
  4.  Next under third column  ” URl WITH %” section  type or paste        [type as it is ]

Now after completing  these steps to create your custom search  engines , close Current  Options window , Login to twitter account and navigate to the URL bar and type in tweet, then press space bar key on keyboard  and type  the words that you would like to post to twitter.Similarly you could create options below.

  • For Twitter Tweets Search

If you want to search on Twitter similar above from URL bar , you can follow same steps as above, but in URL in step 4 , provide following value:

  • Searching Chrome History

Name: chrome history
Keyword: hist
URL:  chrome://history/#q=%s

  • Searching Google Docs

Name: gdoc
Keyword: doc

  • Searching Chrome Downloads

Name: downloads
Keyword: down
URL:  chrome://downloads/#q=%s

Note:Any other similar tips ,share with us.


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