Funny Circle Names For Google+[Infography]

What names do you often give to your circles for Google+? “People Probably Drunk now”/Previous co-workers i would apologize” -Yes these are some Interesting Funny Circle names popping around web .Here is an interesting Infography on some funny circle names created by Happyplus in which they created on their profiles.Well you have also found some funny names,do you?Share or comment with us some funny names of circles you have after having a look at below Infography.


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  1. georgi todorov

    funny how the only replies are on topics you give free invitations 😀

    • ha ha | That really hit s on our head.! However thanks for comment .And we well know that we are not an experienced or professional blogging guys,but Rather started as a reminder fro us and readers for tech related info.Now adding up your comment we doesn’t lack comments for our post about 643 comments we had got additional to 343 comments we published .But those 643 comments are well designated and prepared “SPAM “comments.So it’ moved to trash.Now that too funny .hey!.However happy that your are scanning our blog like an x-ray.HOPE YOU CERTAINLY REPLY SOON!

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