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Google+ is riding on its right path with more profiles & invites created daily basis and wide popularity.Now if you are into Google+ and searching for some stuffs like profiles of Google+ Team members ,Here are some combined list [not complete yet] of some Official Google+ team members profiles in Google plus.So follow them,ask any queries or feedback [it depends] and receive updates.You could search them in Plus search box and add to a circle as “Google+ Team members”.
Since the list is not yet complete[updated soon], any addition to be done please comment.Accuracy of these profiles are Trustable, Since they are widely known as official Team members in Google+.

Circle of Google+ team members

  • Product

+Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product
+Dennis Troper, Director, Product Management
+Greg Marra, Associate Product Manager
+Shimrit Ben-Yair, Product Manager
+Jonathan Rochelle. Product Manager
+Rohit Khare, Product Manager
+Jeff Harris, Product Manager
+Ronald Ho, Product Manger
+Nikhyl Singhal,Google Product Manager for Hangouts and other real time product
+Jonathan McPhie,Product Manager,Privacy lead for the Google+ project
+Frances Haugen, Product Manager, Profiles & Search

  • Engineering

+Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President, Engineering
+Dave Besbris, Engineering Director
+Chee Chew, Engineering Director
+Joseph Smarr, Social Web Engineer
+Eric Cattell, Staff Software Engineer
+Yonatan Zunger, Chief Architect, Social
+Andy Hertzfeld, Software Wizard (designed the initial “Circles” prototype)
+Kelly Ellis, Software Engineer
+Dan Fingal, Software Engineer
+Andrew Bunner, Software Engineer
+Brett van Zuiden, Software Engineering Intern
+Naomi Black, Accessibility Engineering
+Dave Cohen, Google+ Photos Engineer

  • Design

+Jonathan Terleski, Senior Designer
+Tina Chen, Google Profiles Lead Designer
+Mandy Sladden, UX Designer
+Charles Warren, UX Designer
+Ian Gunn, UX Designer

  • Mobile

+Punit Soni, Lead Product Manager, Google+ Mobile
+Joe Rideout, Product Manager, Google+ Mobile
+Evan Steinberg, Community Manager, Android & Mobile

  • Business & Advertising

+Dave Girouard, President, Enterprise
+Christian Oestlien, Ads Lead (Working on Google+’s business profiles)

  • Community

+Natalie Villalobos, Community Manager
+Toby Stein,Community Manager for the Google+ Project
+Paul Wilcox, Comunity Manager, Consumer Operations Strategist

  • Customer Support

+Brian Rose, Photos Customer Support, Community Manager


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