Top Weekly Tech Updates

Rather than individual technology updates most readers might be interested in a collated news of what happened in the digital world this week .Google+ reviews and final touch, Facebook steps to take  up Google+ ,Spotify , Hotmail updates, Skype Cons , like wise many events hit around the  web . Enjoy  this week tech roundup[July 9-16]![Also add up some tech updates we missed early].

  • Apple delivers iOS 4.3.4 to patch PDF security hole
  • Facebook bans Google+ ad
  • Adobe Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3 betas now available[beta versions]
  • Facebook launches “Facebook for Every Phone” Java app for feature phones
  • Mozilla Firefox Beta version Firefox 6.0 Beta 2 released
  • Intel’s Upcoming Core i7 Mobile CPU Lineup Unveiled, Maxes Out a 2.7GHz
  • Twitter Celebrates Its Fifth Birthday, Again, with 600,000 Signups a Day
  • Hotmail introduces “My friend’s been hacked” security feature
  • Microsoft Research FuseLabs launches CompanyCrowd
  • SQL Server 2012 Codenamed Denali Express Core CTP3 released
  • Blogger Will Drop Support for Firefox 3.5, IE7 and Safari 3
  • Additional Microsoft Fixit Solutions for Windows 7/vista released
  • Sony Launches ”World’s Lightest” 13-Inch Laptop
  • Skype vulnerability found by researcher
  • Indian-Origin Girls Win Google Honours in Google science fair
  • Google Docs to Get More Functional Headers and Footers, Vertical Cell Merge
  • Facebook for Every Phone App Now Available for Download
  • Google Revamps Android Market for Phones
  • Mobile Authenticator Now on WP7
  • Spotify Announces U.S. Launch, Opens Up Invites
  • Facebook Unveils Skype-Powered Video Calls
  • Google Debuts Revamped Android Market App with Built-in Video and Book Store
  • Amazon Cloud Drive Goes Unlimited for $20/Year
  • Google’s Blogger Platform Massively Redesigned
  • Bing Maps UI Redesign Introduced
  • iPhone, iPad Finally Get Antivirus App
  • Microsoft to deliver Surface 2.0 software developer kit
  • Google Suspends Realtime; Google+ iOS Soon
  • Baidu Releases Open Source Online HTML Editor: UEditor
  • Facebook plans to launch a new News Platform
  • Mozilla stuffs a RAM usage optimiser into Firefox Aurora beta
  • Google adds inbox styles management to Gmail
  • Intel discontinues its Core i7-970 due to lack of demand
  • Iconic computer game ‘Civilization’ joins Facebook
  • YouTube Cosmic Panda experiment adds darker UI, lots of spit and polish

Enjoy Last week updates[July 3-9]


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