Search for Google+ Profile And Posts in Chrome Browser

A custom Google+ search to chrome browser, so that you could search any Google+ Profile or Posts from the URL bar.So no need to visit further sites for searching a  post or profile with Google+,all is to add a bit of  safe code under your browser options.Similar trick can be done with other browsers like Firefox,Opera too[One main cons of Google+ is no integrate search for Google+ Posts]

  • Custom search for Google+ Posts
  1. Navigate to the Chrome Options > Basics >Search-> Manage Search Engines.[Alternatively type chrome://settings/searchEngines in URL bar]
  2. Click on Manage Search Engines -> Other Search Engines and create a new entry
  3. Now On first Column under Add a new search engine  type G+Post . Under second column on Keyword section type gpost.           [ Note: for New search engine & keyword you could type any thing that suits ]
  4. Next under third column  ” URl WITH %” section
  5. type or paste         {google:baseURL}search? inurl:posts/* %s                [type as it is ]
  • Custom Search for Google+ Profiles
  1. Now Add a new entry  under each column type respectively as given below
  2. First column Type  G+Profile
  3. Second Column  Type gprofile
  4. Third Column Type  {google:baseURL}search?q=%s&tbs=prfl:e

Now after completing  these steps to create your custom search  engines , navigate to the URL bar and type in gpost or gprofile, then press space bar key on keyboard  and type  the key words that you would like to use for your search.Alternatively if you make any of above custom search as default ,then it’s more easy.


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  1. Can I please get an invite to Google+? Thank you!

  2. Thank you. Other places on the “webs” have explained the process of creating the search engines in chrome but left off anything like “go type gpost or gprofile and press space.” Thanks for tying that one off. 🙂

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