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Accustomed to hard drive failures,recover files,Windows problems like wise scenarios, yes we are sure that most users are?.Now several software sources are avail online and to face up almost all those situation it’s better to have a live boot cd. BootMed comes to aid for those ,The BootMed Live CD is an Ubuntu OS Remix or basically an Ubuntu version[Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat)] with advanced packages added for recovery & virus-malware-infected features. It’s main goal is to help the average Windows user to recover a computer that will not boot. Besides troubleshooting boot problems, there are many other things that BootMed can guide you through.
To begin with download the BootMed cd image[665MB Version: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat)] burn a BootMed cd or dvd, or create a bootable USB flash drive.There are two kinds of BootMed cd images, one for x86 or 32-bit computers and another image for x64 or 64-bit computers.On booting It will load an operating system, the famous Ubuntu, that is independent of your hard drive. Because it is independent, it gives a great opportunity to try to fix Windows without having to rely on it[basic idea is to aware users that how a Linux OS could be aided in recovering a damaged or virus affected or trouble shooting a Windows PC ].

What can BootMed do?

  • Recovery
  • Troubleshoot Windows Boot Problems
  • Copy files from a computer that will not boot to a pen drive or external hard drive
  • Scan for viruses with Stinger,ClamWin
  • Make a forensic image of a damaged or corrupted hard drive with dd-rescue and recover files from the image
  • Recover deleted files with:TestDisk,PhotoRec
  • Recover a deleted partition with TestDisk
  • Misc:Create a virtual machine from a physical computer
  • Misc:Wipe (securely erase) a Hard Drive or Pen Drive

Now you might doubt what BootMed differs from original Ubuntu OS.Here is the answer from developer “BootMed, byte by byte is only about 66% similar to the Ubuntu live cd you can download at Ubuntu.com. Many software packages have been removed and many have been added. What has not changed is the graphical interface.”

Is BootMed Necessary?
However it’s clear that we could create our existing Ubuntu similar to BootMed with additional packages added and further customization[for creating a custom Ubuntu Live CD use UCK (Ubuntu Customization Kit)].However if to avoid those additional customization better go for BootMed.So if you have all BootMed tools with your existing latest  Ubuntu OS[11.04],just skip BootMed.
Read on Problem BootMed solves


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