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Heard of Quora Most might be yes If no,Now it’s time for Quoraso what’s Quora Upto- it’s already becoming popular as you might be seeing in your first page of Google search results-usually when we ask a question on Google .Yes and that’s Quora-Quora is simply the answer to all your questions! .Simply saying Quora is based on the simple Q&A (Questions & Answers) method like YahooAnswers and more than that.
So what makes it special ,is it a question or discussion forum ? Quora is your answer to your queries , specifically it’s faster,instant and easier to find what you’re looking for. Quora is a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it[Mostly professionals].

By connecting it with your Facebook , Twitter accounts, It combines best of the social networking experience. You can ask quest, follow people, you can follow questions and topics. You can vote for answers .Quora was founded by ex-Facebook CTO Adam D Angelo & was launched in june 2009. One problem with Quora is to access it you need some one’s invitation[still under the beta version-Almost similar to Google +].
Now if any one needs Quora Invitation,we are here to help.Since we own a quora account we do send invitation to our readers,Simply  drop a relevant comment under here or  any of our blog post with your email id.However don’t forget to follow us on Quora.Also Like our Facebook page shown at right sidebar of this blog andtry to follow us on twitter, Facebook .


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  1. treintayignacio

    A invitation would be thanked to see how it works.

  2. A google+ invite would be appreciated

  3. Ohhhh please…. can i have one?!?!?… i’m really curious!!!… thanks!

  4. Everybody’s speaking about Quora. 😉 I’d really appreciate if I could get an invitation for Quora because I’d love to try it out and see how it is like. Thanks for your help!

  5. can i have an invite?

  6. I want to share my knowledge with others. Thank you very much

  7. send me invitation please, i have followed your twitter and facebook account. i’d like to know the ins and out of this new stuff

  8. Please send me an invitation of Quora on much appreciated. Thanks.

  9. An invitation would be aprreciated. Thanks

  10. Invite me please, much appreciated.

  11. Hi, I would like to get to know this new service everyone is talking about. I would really appreciate an invite. Thanks!

  12. can i have an invitation please? thanks

  13. It’s good to find such blogs like this!
    Can I have an invitation? Thanks!

  14. please invite to quora

  15. Could I also get an invitation? Thanks in advanced!
    btw how is this different from google’s knol?

  16. Could you send me an invitation too? Thanks. Below is my e-mail:

  17. i would really appreciate an ivite.. tahnk you –rvnd

  18. Vijay Kondepudi

    Could you send me an invite please? Thanks!

  19. help me with an Invite, Thanks much

  20. Could you send me an invite? 🙂
    Tks so much!

  21. Hey guys, sounds like a nice interesting site, could you please send me an invitation to try it? I’d really appreciate it c: Thank you so much!

  22. a friend of mine told me that he is doing a project similar to quora but hv no experience with quora. WIll be grateful if u can send me and invite

  23. i’m trying again… =D … can i have an invite?!?!… thanks

    quote: “Nithin Technology technews – 17:06 – Pubblic
    Any one interested in Quora Invite,know and get free Quora Invite Here

  24. Having trouble finding the “answers” and loving to help people out, Quora might be the place for me.. If one could send me an invite 🙂

  25. Hi, Please send me a Quora invite. I would really like to see how this site works. My email id is given below. Thanks, Jane.

  26. hi, please can you send me a Quora invitation ?
    thank’s a lot

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  30. Can you pls send Quora invitation?

  31. I’d love at invite please! (And would love to show you some love via FB/Twitter in return!)

  32. Csongor Fabian


    I’m an usability and ux specialist from Hungary. I really like the concept of Quora and I also have some interesting topics to discus over there. I’d be very happy if you would send me an invite.

    Thank You very much in forth (FB Like is there already ;))

    { cs } aka. Chronotype aka. Csongor

  33. Licínio Sousa

    Hi! Can you send me an invite to Quora?

  34. Thanks for making me aware of Quora. Just spent some time there and like the quality of the activity. Shaping up to have a bit more substance than some Q&A resources that are packed full of answers that should be qualified “don’t really know but I want to write something! People on Quora are sharing their research, not just their guesses.

  35. can you send me a invitation please? Thank you very much.

  36. Please send me one invitation…plz…I’m eagerly waiting to access

  37. i’d feel good to receive quora,plz send.

  38. Thierry Sandjivy

    Thanks to Vincent who gave the link to this post!
    Would be great to get an invite. Thx in advance

  39. Jindrich Gorner


    Please could you send an invitation for qoura ?? My mail is:

    Thank you very much !

  40. Is Quora mostly technology- and US- focused? Please send an invite for me to take a look.. Appreciated.

  41. Curious to see quora! Invite me pls!

  42. I’d love a quora invite. Thanks.

  43. hi, send me one invitation

  44. pankajvirgo28

    hmmm..nice to hear about quora but didn’t use as its work after invitation so can anyone invite me on quora.

  45. Harry Orenstein, FRICS

    An invitation to Quora would be greatly appreciated.
    I am a UK Chartered Surveyor working in the Near East and sometimes so would appreciate joining you on Quora.

  46. Khin Mi Mi Aung

    I’d like to have a quora invitation. Thanks in advance.

  47. hi i am Vinod n i would like to be quora member please send me an invitation asap thank you

  48. Thanks for offering the invite!
    I’d love one please 🙂

    will naturally follow you..

  49. Carlos Arantes

    Could I have a invitation, please?

  50. Please sent me an invitation to quora! Thanks a lot. /Thor

  51. Hi,
    can you please send me a Quora invite?

    mgbassist at gmail dot com


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    – thanks in advance!


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  56. Hello there. Nice & informative blog! Will also appreciate a Quora invite as well. It looks very interesting.


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  60. Aleksandar Georgievski

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  65. Vitor guerrinha

    it seems the ultimate place for sharing and getting reliable info. appreciate if you could send me an invitation.

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  72. I’m curious how Quora works, I would be grateful if you could send me a Quora invitation. Many Thanks!

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  77. Mahmoud El Ansary

    I think this can take the place of the long missed Google Answers…but they have to end this restrictive invitations. This is detering the service from reaching its full potential.
    Mahmoud El Ansary

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    Of course, you do have an awesome site here. 🙂

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  96. Constantin Elisei

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  100. Hi Nithin,

    I am more and more interested in social media, and because of that I am interested in Quora also. Could you please sent me an invite?

    I am really curious how it interacts with for example twitter.

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