Add View Windows Licensing status Tool to Right click Context Menu

All must be heard of Windows Licensing and other sorts of procedures ,right?, now are you familiar with Windows Software Licensing Management Tool, slmgr.vbs [ a command line licensing tool].Simply it’s a built-in visual basic script used to update licensing in Windows and also helps you see the licensing status of your Windows OS installation.
It’s a powerful command line tool ,that allows to view almost all info regarding your Windows Licensing status.Here are the simple steps to launch. Just Open Command Prompt[(cmd)- run as admin] – type  slmgr.vbs /dlv   and hit enter[will take few seconds to launch the popup window].Now To get all the Activation IDs for the installed version of Windows, type slmgr.vbs /dlv all at cmd.Alternatively with out  launching Cmd ,just type above commands in Start->search. or run.

The details include Name,Descript,Activation,Application,Extended [all sort of ID’s] ,Certificates etc..Works with Windows 7/Vista.For more options for slmgr.vbs visit Technet.

How to Add View  Windows Licensing status Tool to Right click Context Menu .[applies for Vita/7]

  1. Open regedit  [registry editor -always better to run as admin] through Run or start->search
  2. Navigate to key  HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell.
  3. Create a New key by right clicking “shell” ->new key -> name it as ViewLicense  [a name suits you to be shown in right click menu]
  4. Now right-click on ViewLicense -> new->String Value -> name it as Position. Now double click it assign value “Bottom” [including quotes]
  5. Now right-click ViewLicense – new ->key-name it as    command .
  6. Double click on Default key [with  respect to command] assign   follow value as
  7. Wscript.exe “C:\Windows\System32\slmgr.vbs” /dlv                   – Please paste this and replace quotes[“”] by manually typing since here font is different  note exactly where  the space ,quotes and slash .
  8. Close regedit .Now right click anywhere on desktop [without selecting any folder or file],yeh ! there is your ViewLicense contextmenu -click it, wait few seconds ,view your license info.
  9. Note some times  if any  error occurs such as “There is no script engine for file extension “. replace quotes[“”] by manually typing for key value  ,also check the spaces.There is a single space between Wscript.exe and  the path.Also a space between the path and /dlv  


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