Facebook adds “Civilization”

One of the brain storm strategy to attract visitors to a website is with Game related scenarios.”Gaming is independent of age”-We all knew that Facebook- is also with no exception -having wide choices of gaming apps,Heard of “Civilization”,the classic PC strategy game which launched early in 1991 ,also transported to Video game consoles in 2008.Now it’s social version is available in Facebook .Yes,the game’s designer, Sid Meier, already brought his creation to famous Social Networking site.
In It’s Facebook adaptation, players cooperate to build cities and engage in diplomacy, scientific discovery and economics as they advance civilization throughout the ages. Almost Like “FarmVille” and other Facebook games, “Civ World” is free to play. It makes money by selling virtual items, such as armies and weapons that can help players advance. But to make the game enjoyable for players who don’t spend anything, “Civ World” limits how much money players can spend each day.[application online at apps.facebook.com/civworld.]


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