Interactive Periodic Table

Most of  the readers might have heard a recent news “Two new elements, having atomic numbers 114 and 116[ununquadium (114) and ununhexium (116), both accepted on 1 June 2011] have been added to the Periodic Table[a table of all known chemical elements arranged according to increasing atomic number)  list.Got interested in an Interactive based periodic table Online.It’s a little old school manner but information/education does not have age barriers,right?
Lots of website resources are avail online ,well to pick one from those & if necessary[much useful to students] head over to , a useful interactive based Periodic table,consisting  several categories like elements properties.web elements likewise.. a slider to choose color props,View in different languages,Wikipedia info, photos,Videos ,And a free PDF download of periodic table.The site is really well-organized & designed , for eg: to view a specific element discovered in a year goto property,choose discovered ,then we get a slider to choose different year.


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  1. Now this was a great post, I never thought that an interactive table would be something I would use but I really like it, thanks a lot!

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