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A search engine specifically for applications/softwares.Well it has happened through we Google for softwares /applications like freeware/shareware,but Apps searching is not so much advanced in those scenario.So you might ask why should I for go “Quixey is a functional search engine for apps.’Unlike traditional search engines, Quixey scrapes blogs, review sites, forums and social media to learn what each app can do and how people use it. Quixey uses this data to help users find the apps they need across all platforms – on smartphones, browsers, desktops, and the web.
In the digital world we are dependent on apps. We use web, desktop, mobile and browser apps every day. Apps are tools to help us complete tasks and it is important to be able to find them on all the platforms we use. Quixey understand the robust possibilities of apps and want to make sure everyone can access them on all platforms.

Now come back to Quixey Interface.Visit Quixey Just enter a specific search and hit enter ,Now in main search interface you could watch why Quixey is unique from other popular search giants.

  1. A “snippet option” that shows a short description on apps
  2. It has got a wide array of choices on its left side like to choose from which platform or to refine the search results to a specific platform like Android,Blackberry,Windows,Mac,iPad ,iPhone and lots of..
  3. You could also sort out apps into free or Price
  4. Also refine search to specific apps based websites like techcrunch/
  5. Quixey work directly with various partners to power app discovery across all platforms – native app stores, search engines, and more. Quixey also offer a customizable plugin and API.
  6. Quixey also helps to Promote & Manage & claim apps for developers.If you got an app ,get a Quixey account & promote it.

Quixey is the future.
Quixey envisions a world where millions of apps are instantly accessible, not just from your computer and smartphone, but on your home appliances and in your car. You won’t even need to switch platforms to find the right app. Just answer the question: “What do you want to do?”


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