Access Linux Partions from Windows

Let’s say if you have got a dual-boot PC that have particularly a Windows OS and any sort of Linux Version.In most cases we choose a specific OS that suits to the situation,for eg: for gaming we jump to Windows Boot.For surfing boot into Linux.Now one main advantage of Linux file systems are that we could easily mount Windows partitions from Linux and access Windows OS files from Linux Platform.But when a reverse scenario occurs that is to access Linux files/documents from Windows.hence the problem starts.Windows does not recognize Linux file systems i.e, ext2, ext3, ext4.
Most might be arguing there is least chance to access a Linux partition from Windows,but if it happens?In this scenario  we have to go for a third-party apps.Often there are many sort of apps for this job in web, but we might be pretty happy with a lightweight & easy to use software.This is where Ext2explore comes to aid you. This is program which allows you to see Linux partitions from Windows, particularly EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4 filesystems .
It comes as a Zip file, no need to install it ,just extract and run the .exe file as “Run as Administrator” option.However it’ not perfect has some sort of flaws like not having full write , modify permissions on Linux files.We have the “save to” option to save any Linux doc/file to Windows Partition locations.For saving large files the software fails.

Besides it’s flaws it’s an handy tool for basic needs.OS supported: Windows XP/Vista/7.Similar Alternative programs are Ex2Read[] & Ext2Fsd [ ]
Found a better apps than above that does tha same job.Please share with us.


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