Google+:A Tiny Review based on various Sources

When Google announced Google+ just a few days ago, hitting the web for limited no: of users ,has been already reviewed & compared with its competitor Facebook.Since Google has certainly a habit of failing in social networking arena ,However many reviews & experts suggest that Google has certainly tried to remedy problems in their new project after learning the early flaws products like Google buzz & wave.Google+ is in limited Field Trial.Right now Google is testing with a small number of people as invitations , but soon Google+ project will be ready for everyone.
Circles,Hangout,Mobility ,Sparks-What you need more?

  • Key part in Google+ is the family Circle creation.You could create circles for your different life scenarios such as family,friends,hobbies etc.You could add people into these groups/circles by just dragging their profile to it.View updates of streams by just clicking on to the circles .
  • The video conferencing structure “Hangout” is another big plus in Google plus.Create a video room and invite friends from your circles.Those who are at online in Video conferencing are shown as their webcams just below & active person at top.
  • For sharing photos Plus connects to Picasa Web Album.
  • And finally the Sparks What t it does:- looks for videos and articles it thinks you’ll like, so when you’re free, there’s always something to watch, read, and share.
  • A good Mobile version of Plus is also avail.It has unique features compared to desktop version such as Location based checking & stream updates,but unable to access Video Hangout.Later iPhone apps will be avail…
  • In data ownership & Privacy Google Plus leads.Overalll all is not perfect in Plus-Integration or interaction with other Google services are incomplete but a worthy addition to Google social networking.

Watch a sample Google Plus page Click  here.or below image

Rafe Needleman [CNETTV]looks into Google’s latest social experiment, Google+, and how it’s better–and worse–than Facebook.

For more visit Google official blog


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  1. I love the Google sample page. Send me an invite 🙂

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