Google Sets Up

Does it’s officially released rather it’s said to be a quiet rolling up of WDYL[What Do You Love] a new Google Search service that fetches results from main Google services all displayed in a single page.i.e It’s a simple search similar to the one on Google’s Official search, but it returns results from more than 20 different Google services, including Google Translate, Trends, YouTube, Maps and Groups.So what’s the main advantage of using this search instead of Official Google search , simply makes sense that it is an all in one-service & not more.
You’ll find the new service at[also at].On searching a specific keyword like “technews”, WDYL displays an array of results from Google trends,Sketchup,Picasa,Books,Earth,Youtube likewise up to 20 Google services result on a single page.One notable design in this page is a handy scroll bar at left edge of the screen,also “share to” Options are avail.

Really strange thing is that Google has not yet officially published this site details in any of its  blogs.However Rather it’s better to explain as a new service to showcase Google products,hope it’s still in its trial out mode & more options & services might be added & rolled out officially with extra features .



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