IBM Promoting Wimbledon 2011

Face of Sports have been rapidly changing over years with the influence of Advanced Digital Technology applied“-Not to remind more:live scores, real time stats , In fact we are really experience an era of combined Sports & Active technology.This real time influence in Sports not only helped the players to analyse them but to a big extend the view of customers/Sport fans regarding sports have completely changed.Infact several major vendors have taken over the life of sports with advanced technology over many years,So is IBM have a notable history around sporting events like Tennis, Golf Now in recent Wimbledon IBM takes a step ahead by applying variety to have a smarter sporting event.

Around this year In Grand Slam Tennis , IBM is  piloting player movement tracking. See who the fastest movers are, watch how their performance changes set by set, match by match, and see how much pure fitness and stamina can influence a game of tennis. Known as IBM SecondSight, the system can provide new data that could help players, coaches, commentators and fans alike, and add a new dimension to our understanding of the science of tennis.Brought to life through 3D visualizations and onscreen overlays, all Court 18 Matches will be tracked in this way.

On IBM partnered official Wimbledon site we can watch not only the live stats but also a realtime visualisation of tennis match data (scores and statistics). It can offer an in-depth presentation of realtime statistical scoring, such as: serve statistics, rally counts and points won,Realtime tracking of player momentum, displayed visually as the match progresses and lot more-This identified as IBM PointStream .And of course, the worlds first Grand Slam tennis iPhone app is back, giving you instant access to scores, draws and more, with live commentary, Radio Wimbledon and daily video highlights.You could Search Wimbledon 2011 on the iPhone app store & it’s totally free.

Now a question arise in mind of environmental impact of IBM data centres or how green or echo friendly can be this huge data centres.IBM answer it as a ultra-green solution which allows IBM to achieve the highest level of security, availability and automation while minimising environmental impact.
IBM have officially released the hardware & software platforms used as apart of this technology as a Pdf which says mainly uses Hardware platform such as IBM Power 550 Express (POWER6),IBM System x3650,IBM System i5® @ Softwares such as IBM Director Active Energy Manager ,IBM WebSphere®,IBM Lotus®,IBM DB2 Universal Database etc..
According to IBM “Sport fans are customers for IBM, IBM provide HD video,statistical information , updates,live video ,its all a technology driven sporting event.IBM has a very long history working with sports organizations-Itś stated that 6 million fans recently on IBM official sport site”. Watch below Promo video on how IBM helps sporting properties around the world act smarter .So enjoy these smarter sporting events.


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