Google unveils Swiffy Flash-to-HTML5 tool

It’s seem to be HTML5 might be rolling over Flash technology as the search giant Google on Tuesday unveiled Swiffy, a free tool for developers to convert some Flash files (.SWFs) into HTML5 code. Although still flash has been widely used , a change is already visible on platforms that don’t support Adobe’s Flash Player–like the iPhone and iPad.It’s not only Google headed to this scenario, but past March, Adobe released Wallaby, its own Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool. Like Swiffy, Adobe’s converter relies on SVG and CSS3 to work its magic.

Swiffy works by converting Flash content into HTML5, relying on advanced browser support for technologies like Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), coupled with CSS3 and JSON. At least for now Swiffy-converted files will work in modern WebKit browsers like Safari and Chrome–as well as Mobile Safari–but browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, which rely on different rendering engines, may have trouble.Google calls Tuesday’s release “an early version,” and the tool can’t yet convert heavily interactive Flash content (like advanced games).


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