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Forums as a part of any website/blog is vital for to share & gain info on various supporting topics and to deduce doubts regarding various articles/trends.As a part of a technology related blog we are happy to add a discussion forum for our blog named “Techtimely”.With the help of forumotion .com we created a forum ,so that readers/guest could share their thoughts & to provide & recieve their thoughts on behalf of tech related news/trends.Due to the fact that blogs doesn’t have the facility to a built in forum , we need to rely on third party online site like this site provide a nice platform for all the needs suted for a discussion scenario.Thanks to forumotion allowing us be a part .
Our discussion forum will be avail at the URL or Click on below image.

Forum rules

  1. Main page of Discussion form is divided into categories [to begin with we created 4 main categories.]
  2. Any guest can reply to any of the discussed Topics.
  3. However to create a new thread or topic guest has to register & login as a member.
  4. Only a member is allowed to create a new thread under the category “Post Your Thread”[last category] & no facility to create a topic/thread at other discussed categories.
  5. Please avoid any sort of unnecessary threads or Topics , since threads created by members will be reviewed & Moderated.
  6. Please avoid any sort of spam .
  7. This forum is not intended or not a way to promote any sort of organization/firm/marketing related Products,only intention is to share ,gain & receive info on tech related news/trends.
  8. Overall our knowledge and experience on various topics are been highly influenced by members of forum and thanks for your suggestions & info.

About Technology Timely

Aimed on updated tech news

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