Ubuntu Linux 11.04 -A Final Review

Linux OS has taken to a next level within the last 5 years.At beginning most normal users had a suspect eye on the difficulty in using Linux OS versions.Initially it was lack of sufficient GUI, drivers, media codecs so & so.But now having different flavours of Linux versions , it has become past.According to OS reviews Linux OS users has dramatically increased within last 5 years[Mainly for client desktops,although server-side Linux rules].Now let’s go through the latest Ubuntu 11.04.

A month ago, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, launched Ubuntu 11.04[features version 2.6.38 of the Linux kernel] ‘Natty Narwhal‘[meaning A corpse whale], one of the most highly anticipated and controversial desktop Linux distributions ever introduced. What makes Natty a landmark release is the inclusion of the brand new Canonical-developed Unity user interface. Unity replaces the GNOME 2 shell that served as Ubuntu’s default UI since the distribution’s inception.However GNOME 3 also been updated in several other Linux flavours like Fedora & Mint.

Ubuntu 11.04 [here we are discussing not LTS ubuntu but Natty Narwhal- whose security updates ends at October 2012].Well most readers might already have downloaded & experienced it or reviewed it , for those who are n’t take a look.Natty Narwhal[name related to a fish].Beginning with the download options you have got WUBI installer[to download directly from Windows OS platform], Live CD or USB stick installation[.iso image about 685MB],Installation interface is som easy to understand & flexible with your pre-installed OS like Windows 7 or vista[ Set your Drive requirements as to Specification ,for eg: For SATA Specific option you must enable AHCI instead of IDE ].You can also try Ubuntu 11.04 online here

On install options you can have 3 options as install alongside with existing OS,Replace entirely, Do a separate partition.Well just do the partition carefully , better go for ext4 filesystem & swap partitions[almost like virtual memory/paging in WIndows] ,do necessary mounting options, and rest interface options as you do a normal OS install.

Now on installation , welcome the new Ubuntu look & feel desktop based on Unity.Unity moves the application buttons to the left of the screen with functionality that is familiar from the Windows 7 task bar. Unity also includes technologies like Application Indicators, System Indicators, touchscreen capabilities, and Notify OSD to streamline interaction with the OS.Like Windows 7 and KDE 4, Ubuntu now has a window snap feature baked right in. In fact, the snapping action in Ubuntu 11.04 is identical to that of Windows 7. Dragging a window by the title bar to the top of the screen maximizes it. Dragging the window to the left or right vertically snaps it to the corresponding half of the screen.

Basically Ubuntu detects common wireless adapters by default , and instantly detects  the available wireless networks for us  to connect to. Ubuntu in years has commonly routed as the consumer-grade Linux; the Linux that average PC users can switch to if they want an alternative to Microsoft Windows.So a question arrives , how to meet the requirements as of WIndows.

Now coming to the Software center[ version 4-It is an app store but virtually everything is free], well it has got the well popular softwares pre-installed and option to search repositories/ubuntu centers.It seems like it is more efficient to look for specific applications, or at least use keywords to search for what you want. One cool feature is that Ubuntu Software Center displays the rating of the apps as well to help you tell at a glance which ones users like, and which ones are dumbs.The Ubuntu Software Center is also where you can go to remove apps that are already installed.
For specific apps you have basically Libreoffice ,Firefox 4,Media players[however specific codecs need to be downloaded some times],disk tools, network tools,bittorents & over about 70 apps.You couls search for any apps from the App centre having categories such as Most frequently used, Apps installed & Apps downloadable.Searching is almost fast .Coming to cloud initiatives there is built-in Ubuntu One cloud service which gives you 2GB of storage if you sign up for a free account.Near the bottom of the launcher’s column of icons is the new workspace switcher. Click it to view your current desktop, and up to three others, in miniature; double-click on any of the others to see a brand new, fresh desktop, which you then populate with any windows you so choose.See the image  below on default built-in Apps on Ubuntu 11.04

The other big addition is the dash, which is similar to the search field in the Windows Start menu. it can be accessed by an Ubuntu-logo button in the upper-left corner, or by hitting the Window or Super keys you can perform common actions such as viewing photos, checking e-mail, or listening to music.Update manager also is easy to handle for a normal user,on launching it updates are retrieved and just choose which one to install.
One main critics against Ubuntu 11.04 is the new scroll bar .If you actually use scroll bars instead of the mouse scroll wheel, keyboard keys, or touch scrolling, you’re not going to be happy with Ubuntu 11.04’s new three-pixel-wide scroll bars. Apart from this the  new interface Unity including dash,Workspace are also under severe criticicsm.Unity dropped the Show Desktop icon entirely. There is no way to minimize all windows and bring the desktop to the foreground using a mouse. As far the only way to accomplish this is via keyboard shortcut.Now let’s chart the main Ubuntu Features on Below Image.

As you could see the entire main features specified in chart Averages a total of 60%[this chart stats is based on review from various sites & sources].Having all these features on Ubuntu 11.04 , many power or advanced users are not much in like with these version according to various reviews.Many disagree with Unity Desktop interface .So as a conclusion definitely you could have a try out on its new interface but keep it aside as a temporary OS & wait for advanced & better releases.Download Ubuntu.

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  1. 60% – never – i wold give 40% -damn Ubuntu 11 is utter waste -I prefer Fedora 15

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