Airbus 2050- Reality or Dream

Truth between reality and dream is vast although it’s considered as a narrow line.Similar is in the case of Airbus chief engineer Charles Champion ,who shows off his concept for an airliner[airbus/airplane] that will ply the skies in 2051.It’s nice & happy to watch the vision of future airplanes accordingly , how scientifically it can be a realistic and cost effective ? experts doubts.

Designed in response to user surveys about the future of air travel, the ‘airbus 2050’ concept craft houses replaces first, business, and economy classes with lifestyle ‘zones’, all housed in a panoramic transparent body designed for both more comfortable travel and improved environmental efficiency[atleast according to the design].The ‘smart tech’ zone offers integrated technology and private ‘pop-up pods’ with immersive screens that permit virtual meetings and lectures, or can connect travelers to friends and family.The ‘interaction zone’ provides a place for passengers to engage in virtual activities. a virtual shopping wall,perhaps used in conjunction with a sky mall -like service, projects clothing directly onto shoppers,while a virtual gaming wall integrates gestural sports gaming. ‘airbus fusion ball’ lets passengers play catch across travel destinations like new york skyscrapers and the himalayas.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Surely we are not an expert to percieve it’s technology & science ,But can this hypothetical science can achieve materialistic or realistic science?For more information on The Future by Airbus, visit the dedicated website at: visit Youtube video 


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  2. can this hypothetical science can achieve materialistic or realistic science? ¨”why not? already transparent OLED displays are present , also hologram dispalys are on it;s way even as demo.however itś true tech will be totally differ in coming future.

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