Universal Mobile Phone PC suite [Phone manager ]

A Universal Mobile Phone PC suite [Phone manager ] – got excited? yes it’s almost true.Usually what we does is that in order to use our computers to back up all the Mobile phones contacts, messages and calendars rely on with the “PC Suite”-like applications provided by the specific vendors[i.e to synchronize contents from your phone with your PC] .Quiet frequently used are Sony Ericsson PC Suite , Nokia PC Suite and a few others.Ofcourse while using a Windows-based OS and these suites, we are almost done our tasks.

If you are a Linux OS expert & doesn’t rely on Windows -What to do? you will come up with WINE[run Windows Apps from Linux Platform] -to an extend it helps[some times fails or not able to access all features]/ or wait for Mobile vendors to release Linux PC suite Versions.Another way for at least Nokia users could go for Nokinux[https://launchpad.net/nokinux] – the Nokia PC Suite on Linux.Again another is ” OpenSync ” Frameworks which helps to an extend.

But what to wait for-“Gammu” comes to your help-Perfect open source phone manager for Linux.Gammu is actually a command-line tool to manage your phone. A  GUI version  is also available. It’s called Wammu.With Wammu, you can do almost all the things the vendor-supplied PC suites offer: View call logs,contacts,calendar,messages; backup all your phone data and much more!

Does my phone supports it?
Most of the phones are supported by Wammu. For the complete list, see – List of phones supported by Gammu.-Installing Wammu is very easy. Just open terminal, and type the following:
Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install gammu wammu
Fedora: sudo yum install gammu wammu
Wammu requires additional permissions to listen on the USB ports. So it’s recommended starting Wammu as a root user from Terminal.Just type Ubuntu and Fedora: sudo wammu. Then connect your phone with USB cable or Bluetooth and select the proper port .Wammu cannot scan the ports unless you start it under root user. Gammu is also avail for Windows.


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  1. Hmm, this PC suite is kind of useful for me, thank you. I will start researching more about it.

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