Chrome book, iOS5 & OS X 10.7 Lion

With Samsung & Acer – supporting Google chrome OS[Chrome book] steps into the OS Competitive zone , having simple new user interfaces & Cloud[Web Apps] only features the main initiative is that on login users are welcomed by a browser window,Lots of initial review suggests that ” Chromebooks make a lot of sense for businesses that want a system for employees that provides Web access without the management burden of a full-blown computer. For individuals, the Chromebook value proposition is less clear“.

Chrome book was initially released as a prototype [named Cr-48] on December 2010 with [1.66 GHz /single-core Intel Atom N455 processor/2 GB RAM/16 GB SSD/12.1 in Screen].On this June 2011 Samsung & Acer launched with[1.66 GHz dual-core Intel Atom N570 processor] where most reviewers agree that Google Chromebooks are lightweight and sleek, the battery life is impressive but the performance is average (depending on how many tabs are you working with) and the web-only Google Chrome OS can be a real limitation.

Apple iOS5 & OS X 10.7 Lion
Now it’s not only Chrome book getting the attention ,also does Apple iOS5 & OS X 10.7 Lion.Apple has officially unveiled iOS 5, the new major version of its mobile operating system, presented during the annual Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). It consists of some 200 New features including the ones demanded and expected since long.Take the demo video below.

The Doughtful Rumor “restart to Safari” option in OS X 10.7 Lion

Coming to OS X 10.7 Lion – offers over 200+ features with almost competitive in major OS reviews.And it looks like Chrome OS won’t be the only new operating system to offer the full-screen browser-style user experience. Rumors suggest that OS X 10.7 Lion has a new “restart to Safari” option.”When you choose this option, you are booting with a full screen Safari web browser.Think of what the main advantage of these Option-Infact it’s amazing.This feature seems to be part of the “Find My Mac” feature set which allows users to get access to the internet.And reports also suggest that Safari Only mode runs not from the primary partition but from the recovery partition. This means that you can use Safari even if your entire system crashes or anything happens to it.

What the Pros on the above feature is that you could use the MacBook, for instance,a Browsing/Websurf/online without making any inadvertent changes to your Core system files or settings. When you restart the computer and log into the full desktop operating system again, all of your information should be exactly as you left it when you entered the browser-only mode.This sort of technique is not new ,almost if we say it’s somewhat similar to Sandbox techniques.That limiting your browser to have any inadvertent changes to core system files.Access to “restart to Safari” feature is currently limited to those with Lion DP4 and the iCloud beta software installed, in addition to having the “Find My Mac” function enabled, but it is expected to be available to all users by the time Lion ships in July.

Although above feature is not yet officially quoted by Apple yet , it’s just initially appeared in MacRumors -[].To an extend Apple always likes to be unique in their new OS fetaures.So “restart to Safari” feature might be a Skeptic news, however let’s wait for official OS release.And many doubts how the heck we could browse online with out Interfering with Core OS Network functions & System Settings.
While it’s almost clear that many OS manufactures are giving preference to Web Apps & Web trends/standards to transform the traditional offline Apps OS mode into Always Online mode-mainly optimized for Web.


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  1. I think this new google chrome book are geniunly great for web .

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