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Tech Gaming as has become a real passion rather than a hobby.Whether it’s a kid, adult or aged ,Giving up your thoughts into an almost virtual gaming software has taken next level since the introduction of advanced gaming device.Microsoft has  a real passion towards gaming scenario , so are their well designed devices & softwares.Heard of Microsoft Kodu Cup 2011?–With the full availability of Kodu Game Lab for the PC, Microsoft  introduced the Kodu Cup Video Game Design Competition, an excellent chance for students ages 9 to 17, to win some great prizes while building games.It’s amost over & winnere will be announced shortly.

So what’s Kodu?Simply Kodu let’s to to make your own custom video game for XBox 360 without any knowledge of programming. It’s mainly designed for childrens but any one can enjoy the visual game creation environment.The programming environment runs on the Xbox & also on windows computer, allowing rapid design iteration using only a game controller for input.i.e Although kodu is designed mainly for XBox, it’s also available as a free download for your Windows PC as well. That means you no longer need an Xbox to design games with Kodu and you can play them on just about any PC.

Key Features

  1. High-level language incorporates real-world primitives: collision, color, vision
  2. Runs on Xbox 360 and PC
  3. Interactive terrain builder
  4. Bridge and path builder
  5. Terrain editor – create worlds of arbitrary shape and size
  6. 20 different characters with different abilities
  7. Rather than a bitmapped or 2D display, programs are executed in a 3D simulation environment

Kodu requires .NET 3.5 and the XNA framework 3.1 to run. You can manually download them or Kodu installer will automatically download and install them for you.Visit  Micrsoft Fuse labs


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