OS|Comparison of Windows Vs Linux OS

It’s always a Constant debate in WWW/among experts/developers , Whether the famous Microsoft Windows OS vs Open Sourced Linux OS.In-fact Since the arise of Linux/Unix OS into OS market share, these Comparison started.Many Online Sites does a comprehensive analysis of the 2 OS based on their market share, reliability, security likewise .
To have a comparison between these two giant OS ,we have to do a depth analysis of pros & cons in various perception/view.Like a normal user one of our co-blogger do  got interested in these bit of research/study.He did a comprehensive study in various Sites[Different Forums,Internet Statistics,Web analytics,WebCounter likewise websites ], & build a final analysis & Chart Preparation based on these outcomes.It’s obvious that when an expert/developer watch this article & analysis results , there would be a chance of debate & Confusion.The whole analysis & research can be found below PDF[Which any one can download].

In the PDF we shows the final results & charts/graphs, also a  Wikipedia entry.It doesn’t mean that we did this research just by having the Wikipedia site[Since it’s accuracy can be questioned].In-fact as explained above it’s a depth analysis on various sites , chat with experts likewise.However these study might have it’s own Pros & Con’s , so we neither don’t  wants to create any  debate , if any one interested can have a look.
Now What the final Inference we got.To say simply Linux earned 51.7303%[points/%/stats/Avg] , while  Windows Earned 48.2697 overall.i.e Linux is about 3.5% Preferred over Windows OS overall.
Totality is both OS has got it’s own Pros & Cons .Surely Windows OS users might be arguing & ask how it happens?Lets have a look at some outcomes from these Comparison.

  1. As a Client Side Desktop Windows OS is widely Used than Linux,Why these happens, Since Windows can be easily trained & used by novice.But that doesn’t mean that Linux is difficult to use.Now By Use of GUI like KDE Linux users are rising.
  2. As a Server Side OS, no more to say that Linux holds the upper hand mainly because of it’s reliability & Security.Even many Super Computer , famous IT  firms uses Linux as a server.
  3. As Coming to Security Linux[Where the most debate occur] is and has always been a very secure operating system. But it doesn’t mean it’s vulnerable [For eg:Recent “Trojan/Boonana” attack to Linux] it still can be attacked when compared to Windows, it much more secure.Windows on the other side  Microsoft has made great improvements over the years with security on their operating system,but their operating system continues to be the most vulnerable to viruses and other attacks.
  4.  For Factors like Emulation/Virtualization & Localization both OS are almost Comparable & equal
  5.  In terms of Gaming Windows OS have a major Support on Gaming Softwares, although Linux Supported Softwares are rising.
  6. For Compatibility & Updates & Support Linux is slightly ahead of Windows, also in case of Downtime/Recovery .

The above inference are just the snapshot of whole analysis .To know more download the PDF below.PDF consists of 3 parts.Charts & graphs, Final Analysis outcome and a Wikipedia entry showing a snapshot of comparison / Analysis.We also present an bar chart [below image]on the final analysis.Click on image & Zoom to view better


Download PDF

Surely our expertise can be questioned , also there can be error/cons .However  If any one think we have gone wrong /any cons in these article please feel free to comment


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  1. it’s a depth analysis but i don’t know how those stats(%) is ruled to linux over windows.iam both linux & windows user, but iam pretty happy with windows usage and its simplicity.

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