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It’s a frequent problem that occurs  with many users , that your  favorite video  breaks down/ it’s corrupted/ necessary codecs not avail like wise .However we can’t describe a video or movie file related info with in just few words , since it’s vast & so leverage.Before covering some known video repair & analysis tools to begin with lets start with some basics.

Note:Experts pls skip this section only for novices
Lets little go to that old schooling behavior , so What does a common video file  contains?.Simply as everyone know a video file usually contains multiple tracks — a video track ), plus one or more audio tracks.Tracks are usually interrelated. An audio track contains markers within it to help synchronize or play the audio with the video. Individual tracks can have metadata, such as the aspect ratio of a video track, or the language of an audio track.
Video container formats(Avi,Ogg,flv etc..) only define how to store things within them, not what kinds of data are stored.i.e The container format defines how to store the video and audio streams in a single file.Containers can also have metadata, such as the title of the video itself, cover art for the video and so on.Look at below image & how video, audio,container, storage & streams are separated.

What  a Video Player Does?
OK, you have got your favorite movie file, now you are beginning to play it .A video player basically does 3 jobs.

  1.  Interpreting the container format[avi,ogg..] to find out which video and audio tracks are available, and how they are stored within the file so that it can find the data it needs to decode next.
  2. Decoding the video stream and displaying a series of images on the screen
  3. Decoding the audio stream and sending the sound to your speakers

What a Video Codec Does?
There are tons of video codecs like H.264, Theora, and VP8., So what does these do?A video codec is an algorithm by which a video stream is encoded, i.e. it specifies how to do Encode + Decode.  Your video player decodes the video stream according to the video codec, then displays a series of images, or “frames,” on the screen. Most modern video codecs use all sorts of tricks to minimize the amount of information required to display one frame after the next. For example, instead of storing each individual frame (like a screenshot), they will only store the differences between frames. Most videos don’t actually change all that much from one frame to the next, so this allows for high compression rates, which results in smaller file sizes.
What an Audio Code Does?

Like video codecs, audio codecs are algorithms by which an audio stream is encoded.

Most Common Issues Occur With Video

  • Analyse a Video File[Download Necessary Codecs]

With the built in players like VLC,Quicktime player, Windows media player   we could get the media/video information & meta data to some extent[also  information about needed Codecs] .However if you trust other software’s then go for it[so get maximum details regarding a video file].Since lots of video analysis software are there it’s difficult for a non-expert like us to mention which is best, however you can go for videoinspector to analyse all interesting files & necessary codecs regarding a movie file.

Also AVIcodec also might suits for these sort of issues.Also on analysing the video files & needed codec we could easily identify the player needed to play it.For Windows Users Head over to Microsoft & Download  Codec Installation Package.This Package can be used as an alternative to automatically download Windows Media Codecs/Correct Problems experiences with any previously downloaded codecs.

  • When a Video file is Broken or needs to be repaired

Basic thing we can do is to use your System players like VLC,Quicktime player, Windows media player  to open those video files ,detect & Fix it .If it fails we should go for third party softwares.
Again there are lots of online tools to repair a video file , to pick one head over Video Repair/Fix  -there are a couple of freeware&shareware softwares.Try with any one of these.Also it’s a site where we can find any softwares associated with video files.Also try ASF-AVI-RM-WMV Repair  tool.[].

  • I want to Convert a Video file.

Again begin with VLC – conversion capabilities are buitin with these famous player.However Looking for alternative the Any Video Converter is the best[Google it].Another r simple way to convert almost any video to MP4, WebM (vp8), Ogg Theora, or for Android, iPhone, and more.[for windows & MAC Users] Go for mirovideoconverter[] .It;s Free and open-source.

  • Use Media Coder for advanced Video  Features

Use Media Coder[] from Media Transcoding solutions for Advanced Conversion between most popular audio and video formats,Transcoding with high performance and high quality,Ripping audio/video discs etc..

  • Using  Common Video Editors

Most might be knowing many sort of video editors are avail like Cyber link Power Director, Adobe Premiere etc.. , these softwares give many additional info & features to deal with a video file

  • Identifying a vulnerability with video file like Flash

Flash files  are an easy way for hacking developers to have malicious threats .Research shows that developers are increasingly implementing applications built on the Adobe Flash platform without the required security expertise.So HP has come up with a solution.HP SWFScan [Mainly for .swf files], a free tool developed by HP Web Security Research Group, will automatically find security vulnerabilities in applications built on the Flash platform.From below image after we analysed an flash file it show that function trace() is abit way for security check.

Any more doubts with any video format then Visit Video Format guide []

Note:This post is just like a bit of research study on video files -a bit done by our co blogger , so it covers it’s basics & it’s a combined info from various sites, so if we skip any additional info pls mention it as comments.


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