HTML5|Tron:Legacy:The Comic Digital Book Project

How well the WWW merges/ adapt with latest web standards? Then you should have a watch at Tron:Legacy Digital Book Project at disneydigitalbooks- An Interactive Online Digital Books .This project not only prove the advantage that Web can gain from technologies like WebGL,HTML5 but also provides a new way of experience for comic lovers.

To begin with we have to go to some past news, Originally released by Disney in 1982, the classic science-fiction film “Tron” has spawned comics, games, books and a television series based on the story of protagonist Sam, who is investigating his father’s disappearance 20 years earlier. Sam’s quest takes him on a solo journey through his father’s digital legacy.So what does Tron has to do with HTML5 & other web standards.Disneydigitalbooks gives the answer.Visit Disney Tron Comic Project.Well you will have a new way of  reading Comics infact much in an Interactical way.It has got gorgeous graphics, musics in background ,animation [for eg: lighting effects in comic become alive].

In creating the latest Tron:Legacy Digital Book site, the Disney team says they  wanted to both be innovative and stay true to the original storyline. They used the emerging Web standard, HTML5, to create unique visual storytelling effects. “It’s truly an interactive environment people don’t expect to see on a website,” said Ken Disbennett, art director for Vectorform, who worked closely on the project. “When a character is smashing through a glass wall, you can see and experience the glass particles shattering. We couldn’t have achieved this the way we did without the hardware acceleration in Internet Explorer 9 or the use of a plug-in.”
Microsoft executives say Internet Explorer 9 was designed with projects like this one in mind. “The Tron:Legacy project is a great example of what happens when Internet Explorer 9 helps developers unchain what’s in their imaginations,” said Ryan Gavin, senior director, Internet Explorer, Microsoft. “It’s a beautiful example of where the Web is going.”
Although it’s a way to promote users to increase interest in IE9 & to have much info on HTML5 & other web standards, this way of digital comic creation is really  amazing[also by accepting the fact that printed /Book sized comics are still favorites].Meanwhile for developers interest, if any one wants to see behind this amazing digital book site or regarding codes/programming aspects visits Windowsteamblog.


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