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As eBook readers, tablets began to rule the tech industry , so does the WWW  forced to adapt to these technologies.Several free Ebooks are now avail in several formats like epub, pdf etc…With flipping software’s  we can take  reading of ebook to next level with fun & entertainment.Now it has been much easier that if you have got a website or a blog , you can have it in an eBook format[Customized] & even print it almost like an normal book with customized front cover .

With some amazing online tools, You can save all the content of a blog into an eBook & as we all know with an eBook format like PDF , it’s more beneficial.So here we discuss how to convert a blog to an eBook with help of Online web apps BookSmith.It’s  so easy that amazing eBooks can be created for free & have in your collection.

  • On visiting this site , first step is to enter the blog address-select platform and select the no: of posts that you have to include on your eBook.
  • On the next page, you can uncheck the posts manually which you don’t want to convert into an eBook.
  • In step three, you can select the options  for your eBook like .Front Cover, Title, subtitle, Authors name , Add a  preface etc…
  •  After selecting everything as per your choice,  click on  to Create my book.

 Now comes the big part .Usually it will take a while to create your ebook since it depends upon no: of posts included in ebook.So be patient , and do not close the window. if any thing goes wrong , try it again .Now final pdf  copy is ready to be downloaded and it looks something like this. (Look the Image below)
Now what are you waiting for , fly over to BlogSmith & grab your blogs eBook copy now.So guys have any site better than this ? pls allow us to know the info, comments awaited.


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  1. thanks dude,really search for this type genere.created my blogs ebook , its amazing !

  2. really good thanks

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