WWW|State of Web on 2011[First Quarter]

For every normal web user , it’s a better experience and way of gaining knowledge & trends on WWW, by having an eye on reports of Internet Statistics. Normally we can gain this sort of web stats & trends as white papers /pdf’s from famous websites dedicated for internet researching .ZScaler -a leading cloud security & internet reserach firm recently released a white paper on how users are interacting with web based resources.

As a cloud based vendor Zscaler has a unique view on Web traffic &With  millions  of  end  users traversing  the web through  Zscaler’s  global  network  of  web  gateways,  they  are able  to  better  understand  both  how  users  are interacting with  web-­‐based  resources and how attackers  may  be  targeting end  users.This 10 page white paper says that “The first quarter of 2011 saw increases in attack surfaces that attackers are leveraging, often using redirects from compromised, legitimate sites to exploit kits that attack vulnerabilities in the browser and its plugins.”

Report further focuses on Web browser’s usage[Where IE hit the top],Top 10 browser Plugins[Adobe Flash hits top],Top Outdated Plugins[Java plugin hits top chart],Top  Web Apps[Facebook acquires major share],Top 15 countries accounts forg malicious contents[US hits top] and more.
Here are some of the top findings detailed in the latest Zscaler State of the Web report:

  • Browser usage is decreasing in favor of web-applications
  • Browsers plugins are not kept up to date
  • Social networking web applications, specifically Facebook, continue to dominate the web
  • Enterprises are struggling to define policies on social networking sites

A bit of nice work done by ZScaler , much helpful for any research geeks ,Want to view  the complete White Paper.Download here


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