Firefox| Are Firefox Plugin Safe?

Plugins[a bit type Addons] are a most easier & better way to enhance your favorite browser.And Firefox is an ideal browser platform for creating add-ons.Like experts say if Pros is there So are Cons.So what influence does this plugins has got on a browser or to the installed system.Have you ever thought of that?It’s quiet usual that a normal user skip these sort of  scenario but power of Firefox plugins is that it  can also be used with malicious intent.

With the fact that Firefox plugins[Also we could say addon – however there is slight differ between addons & plugins] are much easier, advantage & powerful tools , On a developers view , Firefox plugins could have access to the entire browser, without any restriction. i.e Firefox plugins have access to the entire browser, including HTTPS content and also to the operating system.So what does a plugin can do in case of Firefox.

  • grab the login/password credentials in clear text, even over HTTPS connections
  • ping & send back the credentials to any website
  • modify the web pages seen by the user like insert advertising in web pages. (often done by Adware)
  • add/delete/modify files on the computer (even outside of the Firefox directory)
  • run executables, either embedded in the plugin or downloaded at any point

We are not trying to promote a  downside of Firefox Plugins/Addons or  rather this is not from our Perspective-This danger view of Firefox Plugins is been reviewed by ZScaler -a leading cloud security & internet reserach firm  .An article on Zscaler research blog focus the threats on Plugins  mainly in case of Firefox .The article gives us a rough image on how “Normal ways an Attacker applies on Firefox Addons/Plugins” like a silent installation of plugin or overwriting the addon meta data.[You could review the full article at  ZScaler research blog ].This a must read article that every Firefox users should read & aware before installing any plugin/addon .

The Firefox plugin framework is very powerful but use of this plugins are done at your own risk.A bit of antivirus/antispywares might or may not help you , but it’s better do a bit of research on a new plugin or addon that you are about to install on the browser, Say you could google or visit it’s official sites on regarding it’s full functionalities, it’s potential risk , after effects , security vulnrebailities.Also update your Firefox Plugins[]


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  1. I am frequent user of firefox and installed lots of add-on. Whenever i opened firefox browser it start very slow. Is there any idea to make my browser fast with all plugins? Because i can’t remove those plugins. Please response me fast so i can implement that on my browser and make my browser fast.

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