Software|Cyber Forensic Tools[Part-2]

“Extract forensic data from computers, quicker and easier than ever”-This is what PassMark Groups predicts on their Cyber forensic Software named OSForensic.For readers new to this topic we have already covered a collection of cyber forensics software from McAfee(Visit here), however the  free software tools from Passmarks also adds up to your expectation.

OSForenscics  tools  from Passmark does a lots of features to support your digital investigation like 

  • File Search
  • Recent Activities
  • Deleted File Search
  • Memory Viewer
  • Disk Viewer
  • Passwords including passwords stored in Browser
  • System Information (Check it)
  • Mount Drive Image
  • Excellent time line View of Your activities and More Functions 

On testing it it’s search function is quiet rapidly gives the needed files & more helpful ones you activate the search index function.You can also have the option to install this software in a USB drive for portability.Obviously it’s not a must tool for a normal user but situations might occur for a normal user too to use for this sort of softwares.So have a look upon OSForensic.


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