OS|Browsers|Visitors Corner:Top Browsers & OS Used

“If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.”-Famous quote from philosopher & novelist Kahli Gibran.So here we are revealing facts on Visitors Corner.Just nothing guys , we likes to share our blogging  experiences with you .Already we shared an earlier post on blogging mistakes from our part (visit here), so to continue this post we present the top OS & Browsers used by our readers/visitors .

Looking through our statistics for about six months & Reviewing our visitors analytics chart , We present results as a pie chart , the usage of OS & Browsers by visitors to our site .You could see from the chart Windows 7 rates the highest Desktop OS as it gets a rank of 40%.Windows XP ranks the second with 22% , while Linux is Just behind with almost 20%.Mac & Vista users are almost equal but least usage .It’s just a real fact from our blogging view point that Windows is still one of the major client desktop OS used .However we opt out Mobility platforms like smartphones & PDA .

As reviewing the Browser usage Firefox rates the most of about 40% , the fact that it has got major share .It was a real surprise for us since most major site reviews Firefox & IE as head to head or equal usage.Both IE & Chrome has got about 18% of visitors interest.While safari & opera reate 5% & 4% respectively , there are about 12% of unknown browsers which we are not able to track which browser it was.

Note:While this trackage of browsers & OS are not intentional or any purpose , as the details are acquired  normally  with help of Google analytics & Feedjit Servers as every webmasters does.


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