Browser|Maxthon Meets Up Your Needs

Searching for an alternative browser other than popular browsers such as  firefox, IE etc, then Maxthon is your answer.By the way most of the readers might be unfamiliar with Maxthon.Most readers might  left out this article such that we are indulging in promoting  a browser advs.Definitely not?How much popular Maxthon is ? it doesn’t matter,, but fact is this browser has got a definite standard  compared to it’s competitors.

“Why Maxthon?I could go for a more popular browser like Firefox/IE “.This is  a definite question every reader should ask? yes – the reason is because of it speedy and bunch of features compared to other.Maxthon comes with many features built in like :

  • Online Notepad built in with Maxthon
  • Resource Sniffer to grab/download any video /image/audio from any web page
  • Built in Screen grabber to take screenshot of any webpage ‘
  • Builtin translator
  • Adblocker
  • Skins Including Internet Explorer Mode & beutiful “paper” mode skin around up to 7 skins[for vista/XP users limited].
  • Website Safe checker[safe url checker]
  • Advanced Developer Tool[Including a resource tracker]
  • Advanced View Source Mode
  • Mute audio option in any web page
  • Advanced browsing modes like switching between ultra mode & retro mode
  • Advanced TAB bar option
  • Maxthon 3’s Dual Display Engines recognize and load older, non-standard pages faster than any other browser.
  • Vast collection of addons /plugins
  • In case of Memory usage it’s a better alternative compared to other browsers-splits into small process/threads as it takes less Memory
  • Advanced Video Viewing Mode- for eg: While playing a video from youtube ,maxthon itself has an builtin player to view in fullscreen mode & better video streaming- also builin downloader.

Definitely as like all browsers it has got cons too like  lack of support for Social netorking , Advanced SSL support & Security Management, lack of content management likewise still it’s a newbee to browsers industry .It’s a Windows OS based browser also have Mobile /Android Versions.To know more  on features & so to try maxthon Visit Maxthon.


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