Software|Control PC Using Mobile as Remote

It’s usually a real fun and trick to play with your friends to control their PC with a remote Mobile .Some readers have already found this trick/needed software’s, however we likes to share info we got.So friends ,to control your PC using a mobile you need a PC or Laptop with Bluetooth enabled and a  mobile which supports .jar files(For eg: Some Nokia phones ) and Bluetooth.To begin with ,you need two softwares,a PC software and a mobile software.Download the PC software to your computer and then install it.

The application is perfect for business as well as for your own enjoyment.You can easily remote control your PowerPoint presentations, Mouse Cursor or simply explore the content of your computer directly from your mobile phone.Tones of handy features will be available after installing the software. You will be able to change the tracks and videos played on Media Player or Winamp, browse for artists, albums or adjust the volume. The application will also give you remote access to programs such as Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer or Firefox. In the same time you will be able to Run commands on your computer or send text messages to your desktop.The program consists of two parts – the client and the server (both being written in Java).In case of Nokia mobile phones, the Nokia PC Suite will automatically recongnize and promt you to install the application on your handset.

First Visit this link To download the Software for your PC-  Mobile Remote Control.Now Install it , On installation you will be prompted for downloading latest Java Version(If your PC do not have java Run time installed).Since Java is necessary  download & install it.Now you now need the mobile software.So,here’s the link for the mobile application – Gallery Mobile remote software.

Now ,open the PC software in PC and then the mobile application in your mobile.Switch on Bluetooth on both Mobile & PC.Now open the application in your PC . Also open application in your Mobile ,Then Click  search for servers.Then your mobile will search for PC servers.After searching it will show the detected  PC users.Then select the PC server and then you can use your mobile as a remote for your PC.The application has got 3 modes Mouse mode/Keyboard mode/Application Mode .For application mode you could use browsers such as Firefox,IE .. to control with your Mobile. It supports all the bluetooth solutions like Toshiba,Windows, Bluesoleil and Widcomm or Broadcom and is absolutely Free.

Wants To Know more On this Software Visit Mobile Remote. If looking for an alternative visit here –Vectir Remote control.If any of the readers know any other similar  software’s ,& likes to share , pls comment with us.


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